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Founded in 1987 by the Chedda family, Kenafric Industries Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of Confectionery, Food, Footwear, and Stationery products in Kenya. Kenafric employs over 1500 people directly and touches the lives of more than 7500 people indirectly.

The vision of the founders and relentless hard work over 25 years has given Kenafric a unique platform to grow tremendously in the African markets. Our success is driven by our people and their unrelenting focus on delivering results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovation to our products and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

Kenafric range of products cut across the socio-economic range. We pride ourselves on bringing smiles to millions of children daily through our confectionery product lines, providing tasty meals to the whole family through our culinary mixes, our footwear lines walk millions daily and exercise books (paper note books) assist in reinforcing the education in schools for millions of Africans for generations to come.

Consumers inspire us to make excellent products that meet their needs. Innovation of products happens because we watch and learn from our consumers, we understand their needs and aspire to make products that will always surpass their expectations.

Our partners work with Kinetic zeal to ensure that Kenafric products are available, on time and at the relevant purchase points at all times. The continuous improvement spirit and focus on gemba ensures that every employee at Kenafric ensures that we are constantly challenging our thinking and at all times, working towards customer satisfaction and improving quality and service both internally and externally.